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 A true Family Business with one Goal in mind – Be the type of service center that is unlike the rest! Exactly why we chose the name “Distinct” Hot Tub Repair & Service – We want to show people that we are Distinctly different– Distinctly skilled and knowledgeable in this specialty field and Distinctly committed to taking care of our incredible customers– that there are businesses out there that still stand behind their workmanship 100%– that’s us! We guarantee 100% satisfaction for any job we complete!


 When we say Family, we mean it – Brothers Dan, Will & Aaron who own and run the business– they do all the field repair work and technical side of our computer systems. Then we have sisters Michelle, Barb, Sara & our favorite Aunt Tricia who run the office daily. We are a great team that makes each and every one of our customers, old and new alike a priority. Our Customers can sense they matter and truly are important to us! It’s that personal attention that also sets us apart. We are always willing to answer any and all questions 24/7 and do whatever is needed to ensure our customers are happy! 


 With 10+ Years of Technical Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry and HVAC Experience, we are your one-stop Service Center that can do it all! Even when it comes to custom fabrications and repairs for all of your hot tub needs, we’ve got you covered! We will take care of you, because honestly… it’s what Family does.

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814 E. Melody Dr., Gilbert AZ, 85234



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