Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have already paid my Non-Warranty Service call fee that has me covered for the year. How can I reserve an appointment without being charged again?


A: Go ahead and reserve the appointment by selecting & paying the $139. Once a representative manually sets and approves your appointment request, they will happily confirm your coverage and release the temporary hold that was placed on your card. That way, we here at DHT can guarantee payment for our services as well as verify that you have the type of coverage needed and we are good to go.


Q: How can I reserve an appointment without submitting my credit card information?


A: Unfortunately, we do not have that option, again this method is implemented only to guarantee payment for services we provide. No other amount is ever charged to your card with authorization. This way of setting an appointment puts you in control of the date and time that you would like service. If for some reason you need to cancel your appointment feel free to either call into the office or send us a message letting us know that is what you would like to do and we will be more than happy to release the temporary hold on your card— no questions asked.


Q: I paid the initial Service Call fee, what if my total bill is more than that?


A: Your technician will go over all additional fees and costs of the repairs prior to proceeding with any job. Once you have approved the repairs, he will proceed with the job and notify the office to begin generating a receipt. The technician will then collect the balance by check, card or cash. The office will then run the payment for the remaining balance and send you a copy of the Receipt. Your receipt will include all of your Repair & Warranty information.


Q: What if I am not home to pay the technician the remaining balance of service?


A: If you are unable to be home for the technician to collect the remaining balance of service the technician will notify the office to simply send you an invoice. An invoice is then generated and sent to the email that we have on file. Payment for all repairs is DUE DAY OF SERVICE. We understand that if a customer is not home at the time of service, collecting payment is not possible and that even a day or two grace period is needed for all customers to get around to opening their emails to find and pay their invoice. However, anything beyond 2 business days and we will then reach out to remind you payment is needed. By 30 Days of nonpayment we will then submit the past due balance to our collections agency.


Q: What if I have additional questions and need to speak with my technician?


A: Prior to service your scheduled technician is required to either call or text you to inform you of their arrival. At that point you will have direct contact with them moving forward. You are always welcome to reach out to them directly at any time if you have any questions or concerns. If you are still unable to reach your technician, contact the office 480-238-5836 by phone or text and the office will notify the technician they need to contact you.


Q: What if I do not submit the paperwork prior to service?


A: The forms found on the customer resource page are more so for your knowledge and benefit. We do not require them to be filled out, however we will still hold each customer responsible in regard to knowing what they are agreeing to and signing up for prior to service. It is the customers responsibility to read our terms of service and ask questions if they have any. The information entered into our system is plenty enough acknowledgement of our terms of service to hold each customer liable for all charges incurred— If a bill/invoice goes unpaid we will turn it over to collections by the end of 30 day window.


Q: What if I choose not to go ahead with repairs, do I still have the service coverage for the year?


A: Yes, absolutely. If you are given an estimate for repairs, that estimate is valid and honored for 12 months regardless of cost increases and the Service Call fee has you covered for the technician to return free of charge at anytime during those 12 months to continue with repairs. If you decide to get a new tub altogether, rather than fix your old one we had initially serviced, you still have our services for the year to come and inspect free of charge. If repairs that require parts are needed at anytime during the year, the bill will only consist of the parts and straight labor.


Q: What if I cannot be there when the technician is wanting to come by?


A: Not a problem. Since we do not require homeowners to be present— leaving a gate unlocked and access to the hot tub is perfectly fine. The technician can communicate via telephone by call or text to provide the necessary updates and get additional approval for repairs (if needed) and then secure the residence prior to leaving. A receipt for services will always be sent to the email provided.